Zendaya’s iconic style

At only 25 years old, this ex Disney girl has managed to work her way into the fashion zeitgeist. Her authenticity and the freshness achieved by her stylist, Law Roach, has been a breath of fresh air in every gala and red carpet we get the pleasure of catching her at.

The actress, most well known for her recent Emmy winning performance in Euphoria, and her appearance in blockbusters such as the new Dune and the Spider-man movies has become a true icon of modern fashion.

Her style is characterized for its versatility and elegance. Through it she is able to highlight bright colors like fuchsia, maxi skirts paired with a crop top, her use of flamboyant prints, and masc cut suits that she manages to pair with her chic look.

And you, what do you think of Zendaya’s style?


Source: Backstory Contents

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