Success is driven by marketing yourself effectively


Prices at the studio start at $399 for a starter portfolio of 6 retouched images including copyright and can go up to $5,999 for an advanced package including portfolio, copyright of up to 80 digital enhanced images, 20 airbrushed pictures, a bespoke website with contact email, Digital Z Cards with all your details and an annual portfolio update package for up to 5 years.

A portfolio is absolutely essential for gaining work with any agency or company. Think of it as a resume filled with photos that advertise all the versatility you have as a potential model, and it demonstrates what you can offer. While professional images aren’t a requirement for agencies, they do demonstrate to agencies that you are a professional model and are serious about a career in modeling.

Icon Studio can tailor your portfolio to the niches that you want to explore, along with
ensuring that each of the images included is professionally produced and shot to advertise
you in the best light.


In an ever-growing digital age, eFolios are the latest phenomenon to take over the
modeling industry. Think of it as a digital portfolio that you can send to prospective
agencies or companies that advertise you as a model, meaning you can win jobs and
projects without the help of an agency. eFolios are a great way for freelance models to
pursue modeling as a second job or as a hobby without cutting commission with agencies.
You can also constantly update your eFolio with your latest shoots which helps you to
constantly keep your opportunities fresh.


Think of a Z-Card as a business card for models. They typically include around 6-10 of your
best shots along with your contact information, which you can leave with potential agencies
or companies for them to contact you at a later date if a shoot comes up that you would be
great for.

Z-Cards are just another tool you can have in your arsenal to demonstrate to companies and agencies that you are a professional model and that you are serious about succeeding in the industry. It also helps them remember you for any future roles or projects.

The layout of a Z-Card is important, and it’s also key that it suits the niche you’re targeting, and this is what Icon Studio can help you with. The layout, production and shots used for a Z-Card must complement each other to be effective. With a Z-Card at your disposal, you can make the most out of every chance meeting or open audition.