Glamour Models


Unfortunately, there are predators that act under the guise of legitimate companies, which damages the industry and makes it harder for models to succeed. However, by following our advice and guidance, we can help you prevent this and stay safe at all times.


First and foremost, you need to be sure on whether glamour modeling is for you, and if you feel in any way anxious or uncomfortable you shouldn’t pursue it any further, and instead look toward other avenues of modeling that you feel comfortable in. With the age of the internet, once pictures have been published, it is near possible to reverse it, so you need to be completely comfortable with what you’re doing.
Secondly, you should always sign a contract that specifies exactly what is required from you during the shoot including poses and the people present. If at any time during the shoot, regardless of what is specified in the contract, you feel uncomfortable, just say no and stop the shoot. You may not get paid, but that is a very small price to pay.
Last but not least, you should never attend a meeting or audition alone, even if you have met with the company before. You should also be very cautious of anyone that contacts you on social media, as this is very uncommon for reputable companies. Overall, do everything you can to stay safe while pursuing a career in glamour modeling, and Icon Studio can genuinely provide you with all the support you need to get into the industry safely and with an eye to success.
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OVER 18s

Glamour modeling is strictly for those over the age of 18, and you must have complete body confidence to work in this area as the nature of the job is to post either nude in underwear or lingerie.  There aren’t any restrictions on height, but a full figure is required by pretty much every company.