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Taking Your First Step

Taking the first step into a new career can be incredibly daunting, and modeling is no exception. 

Icon Studio has been helping aspiring models take their first step into the industry for years and continue to support them until they reach their career goals.

Supporting The Models Of Tomorrow

We can help you discover whether modeling is right for you and that you have the right support system around you to succeed

Discover whether you’re a natural in the industry.

Help you curate a professional portfolio that will bolster your chances of making it in a competitive industry

Support you through the confusing world of contracts, freelancing, commissions, licenses and helping you stay safe in the industry

Why Choose Icon Studio?

You can simply register your interest on our website, and we will provide a full consultation on your modeling potential without any strings attached!

We can help you build and finetune your modeling portfolio to give you the best chance at securing your dream contracts.

We have years of experience in helping aspiring models achieve their dreams.

We support you fully throughout your journey to getting signed