With Icon Studio’s help you will have professional Z-Cards, eFolio and, of course,
a professional Portfolio that will stand you in good stead of impressing any prospective
employers. More than that, we will guide you through each step of the process, identifying
things that are working, and things that may need some improvement, but always working
in your best interest.

Safety Tips

The modeling industry is vast and ever-growing, so we’ve prepared these tips to help you stay safe when pursuing jobs and agencies

Freelance Modeling

Freelance models typically model as a second job or hobby, finding their own work through networking events, modelling companies, open auditions and contacting companies directly. The freelance community is booming across all industries, and modelling is no different, so freelancing is very common in modern times. To succeed as a freelancer you should focus on building good relationships with clients and keep in contact with companies that you have worked with as much as you can. You should also keep an eye on events in your area that could be beneficial to you. Again, stay safe and never attend meetings alone!

Why Choose Icon Studio?

You can simply register your interest on our website, and we will provide a full consultation on our modeling potential without any strings attached!

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We support you fully throughout your journey to getting signed.

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