Valentino, the last emperor of fashion

Last eleventh of may, italian designer Valentino Garavani turned ninety years old. Although “the last emperor of fashion”, as he is better known, has been retired for more than a decade now, his talent and sense of elegance mark a before and after in the world of runway.

From Jackie Kennedy, choosing him to design her wedding dress for her union with Aristotle Onassis, to Julia Roberts, who received her Oscar while wearing one of his designs. Many figures from showbiz, aristocracy and even royalty fell in love with her glamorous and sophisticated creations.

His enhancement of the femenine figure, attention to detail and meticulous eye. Are characteristic figures of his design. Such is the importance of Garavani in the fashion world, that there’s even a color named after him: Valentino red.

After his retirement, his collaborators, Maria Garzia Chiuri, who now works for dior, and Pierpaolo Piccioli, who is taking care of their firm to this day, continue with his creative vision and push the industry further.

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