Sustainable Apparel

The clothing industry is well known now for the amount of waste it generates and the blatant disregard it has for its workers and the planet.

Luckily we’ve been seeing a recent increase in designer and everyday clothes produced through sustainable methods, with a special care to offset the impact its confection previously had on our planet.

These methods consist in reducing the amount of chemical products like artificial pesticides and fertilizers in favor of organic materials and water based dyes, in an effort to cause as least harm as possible. They also take care to choose humane and environmentally conscious methods of distribution and retail so that everyone involved gets fairly compensated as well.

The items produced by these methods are not only ethical, but they are also of a better and sturdier quality, since they are made to last and be recycled.
Some of the most used materials in this method are cotton, linen, hemp and lyocell among others.

Will you join in on a friendlier and safer way to experience fashion?

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