Seven tips for picking a bathing suit

Summer is here and it’s a key time with it, picking your bathing suit. If you are buying a new one, have these tips in mind when it’s time to pick:

  1. The bicker the print, the bigger sense of volume it gives.
  2. Don’t use ruffles or accessories in zones you don’t want to bring attention to.
  3. Choose quick dry and breathable materials.
  4. When trying a one on, make movements like moving or crouching to check everything will stay in place
  5. If necessary, buy bikini parts separately in order to better accommodate to your body
  6. Use dark colors if you wanna hide something and light ones when trying to call attention somewhere.
  7. One piece suits in dark colors with a neck are going to accentuate your figure.

Whether you prefer a bikini, a tankini or a one piece, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe in whatever you are wearing.


Source: Backstory Contents

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