Prepare your skin for spring.

With the arrival of spring, the sun’s rays become more intense, the humidity of the environment rises, and temperature swings become more dramatic. All of this has an impact on the skin. To face all these changes, it is essential to adapt the beauty routine to the new season. How to prepare the skin for […]

Triangle sunglasses, the new trend!

You cannot miss this trend if you are someone who does not leave the house without their sunglasses and is encouraged to try new designs. In 2023 the most trendy are the triangular and elongated glasses. This geometric silhouette with a futuristic and modern twist complements any look and is ideal for wearing with urban-style […]

Rihanna’s fashion sense

Rihanna is one of the singers who best knows how to reinvent herself, thanks to her unique charisma and amazing sense of fashion. Her style is never boring, and she is encouraged to try new things without worrying about what others will think. Rihanna has maintained her desire to be daring with her looks, both […]

Say goodbye to what you no longer use in your closet!

How much of what you have in your closet do you actually wear on a daily basis? The change of seasons is a good time to organize and discard anything that hasn’t been used in a long time and is taking up valuable space. And, by the way, donating clothes is always something good to […]

The denim maxi skirt has made an unexpected comeback.

The denim maxi skirt has made a comeback, first timidly and now fully established. This garment, which had its heyday in the 1990s and 2000s and that we thought we’d never see again, became a favorite of influencers like Gigi Hadid and a recurring model in the most fashionista street style. This denim skirt, whether […]

7 ways to tell if a garment is of high quality

When assembling a basic wardrobe of timeless pieces that can be worn for a variety of occasions, it is critical to select garments of high quality that can withstand use and multiple washes. But how do you spot them? How do you know if the item you want to buy is worthwhile? Pay attention to […]

Celebrities’ new favorite shoes: Versace heels

There is a pair of shoes that this season became the obsession of celebrities and influencers. This is the “Medusa Aevitas” model by Versace, made of satin, with a double platform, a very high square heel and a strap on the ankle adorned with rhinestones. The Italian firm presented them in black, fuchsia, yellow, light […]

How to put on foundation correctly: 7 tips

The function of the makeup foundation is to unify the color and texture of the skin so that it looks flawless. For this reason, it is essential to use it properly so that it is not noticed and to avoid stains. Take note of these tips to apply foundation like an expert: 1. First of […]

Tank tops: the fashion item of the season

Do you want to be on fashion? Rescue that classic white tank top that you surely have in your closet. The tank top is one of the trendiest garments this season thanks to firms like Prada, Loewe and Bottega Veneta having it as the protagonist in their latest shows.   Simple and basic, it supports […]

Vivienne Westwood, the punk lady of fashion

News of Vivienne Westwood’s death at age 81 last December shocked the fashion world. The British designer, owner of an irreverent, creative and rebellious style, marked a before and after in the culture of the last decades. She was the creator of the punk aesthetic in the 70s, when the Sex Pistols burst onto the […]