7 Mistakes to avoid when attending a wedding

Did you get invited to a wedding and are thinking of what to wear? When getting ready a look, avoid falling into these common mistakes that can make your whole style crumble:

  1. Dressing in whiteThis is the worst mistake a guest could make. Variants like ivory, cream or beige aren’t allowed either. White is reserved for the bride only on her special day.
  2. Using overly short dressesDepending on the time at which the ceremony is held, the appropriate minimum length would be closely above the knees.
  3. Being too sexyTight, flashy or busty dresses are very out of place in such a classy occasion.
  4. Being too casualNever ever use sporty or denim clothes, not even in combination with something that could be considered appropriate.
  5. Taking a Maxi Purse: Leave aside big purses, they would ruin your whole look. Choose instead to take a small purse or a clutch.
  6. Exaggerated jewelryUnless they are very toned down, using necklaces, rings or wristbands at the same time is not a good call. Remember, less is more.
  7. Brand new shoesEven if you bought them especially for this occasion, if you use them for the first time, you might feel uncomfortable and even ruin your experience.


Source: Backstory Contents

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