10 suggestions for photoshoot makeup

The makeup you use daily may not be the right one if you are going to participate in a photoshoot. The camera lens perceives elements like brightness or texture in a way that is not seen by the eye.

For your Photoshoot to have the amazing results you are looking for, have in mind these tps when it comes to applying your makeup:

  1. Hydrate your face with skincare products.
  2. Use brushes, broches and sponges adequate for each product.
  3. Choose a base with medium coverage that covers every imperfection, the skin on the face must look as smooth as possible.
  4. Avoid using products with sunscreen since they can alter the final result of the photo.
  5. Use powder to adjust your brightness.
  6. Apply highlighter in specific zones like your cheekbones, over the lips, over your brows or in your nose bridge.
  7. Apply blush softly on your cheeks with round movements.
  8. Choose matt tones for your eyeshadow.
  9. Outline your lips before applying lipstick.
  10. Use a fixer so everything remains intact throughout the shoot.

Follow these tips and your shoot will be a success!

Source: Backstory Contents

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