10 stylish summer trends

The runway and urban style have already given us a look at what’s coming this summer 2022. Take note and prepare to be ready for the season with these ten trends:

  1. Pink
    From pastel to a vibrant fuchsia, this color will be seen all over the place.
  2. Look Through
    Sensual and mysterious, the styles that permit us to show skin allow us many customization options for any occasion.
  3. Miniskirt
    Short, very short, as short as you can make it, this summer we are putting legs in the spotlight
  4. Oversize Blazer
    Also known as “boxy blazers” this piece has an 80’s look defined by shoulder pads and an undefined waist.
  5. Crochet
    Inspired by the hippie chic of the 70’s, items weaved with stripes or other geometric patterns will take over tops, skirts, dresses and more.
  6. Low Rise
    This iconic 90’s look is back in full force. The low rise, this rebellious show of hip and belly button is all the rage this season, especially paired with a nice top.
  7. Satin
    These silky lingerie like items can be used at any time of day, and give a sexy touch to any look.
  8. Floral Patterns
    Always romantic and femme. Floral print is a classic that keeps reinventing itself and stays strong in dresses, maxi skirts and light blouses.
  9. Cut out
    Items with openings and cuts in strategically placed spots give any outfit an original and daring look
  10. Very Peri
    This purple tone was chosen by Pantone’s color of the year and is already showing up in this summer’s collections and in our celebrities’ fashionable looks.


Source: Backstory Contents

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