Say goodbye to what you no longer use in your closet!

How much of what you have in your closet do you actually wear on a daily basis? The change of seasons is a good time to organize and discard anything that hasn’t been used in a long time and is taking up valuable space. And, by the way, donating clothes is always something good to do!

Keep the following items in mind to avoid becoming overwhelmed during closet cleaning:

Clothes from the past: They were popular at the time, but they now appear to be out of date. This excludes classic and timeless garments that always look good and are worn through the years.

Clothes that you did not take to be repaired: If you have clothes that need to be adjusted or fixed for a long time (change zipper, raise hem, etc.) and you don’t intend to do it right away, it’s best to toss them because you’re very likely to never do it. The same is true for damaged or missing parts, accessories, or jewelry.

Everything that is not your size: Don’t wait until you lose weight, only keep what fits you now.

Garments that you haven’t worn in over a year: If you don’t remember having them or if they still have the label, it’s because they were never for you. It’s time to find them a new owner.

“To be worn at home” like old and worn t-shirts and sweatshirts: Even if you don’t go out, looking and feeling good in your clothes can make you feel better. Discard any clothing that is beginning to resemble rags!

Get to work on organizing your closet. You’ll be surprised at how much you accumulate once you’ve finished cleaning and tidying it up!

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