Discover the background of the renowned Hermès Birkin bag.

One of the most esteemed high-end labels in the fashion industry is Hermès. The iconic Birkin bag, one of its high-end offerings, is a must-have for just a very select few people due to its exorbitant price tag of thousands of dollars, as well as the firm’s meticulous selection of its customers (a few years ago there was a waiting list to be able to acquire it).

During a casual encounter between Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, the director of Hermès, on a flight in 1981, this renowned bag was created. Dumas was fascinated by the actress and singer’s use of a wicker basket to carry her personal items. When asked why, Birkin explained that she was unable to locate a bag that was both useful and adaptable for her.

The Hermès manager then suggested that they design one together, and the renowned Birkin model was born as a result.

Made entirely by hand with premium leather and materials, this handcrafted bag is an excellent investment because it appreciates in value over time.

Did you know the Birkin bag’s origin?

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