Avoid these mistakes when you wear leggings.

Does anything feel better than leggings? This stretchy piece of clothing can be worn at home, on casual outings, or even at the office. It can also be worn in many different ways.

But it’s easy to make mistakes. Don’t make these mistakes when you use them, or your look will be a disaster:

Putting them on with clothes that are very tight. Leggings go well with oversized clothes.

Showing your underwear. If you’ve worn your leggings so much that you can see through them, it’s time to get some new ones.

Using them too tightly. Choose the right size so they feel comfortable and don’t leave marks on your body.

Picking prints and colors that stand out. If you don’t want to look cheap, it’s best to stick to solid, neutral colors.

Not taking the quality into account. Most fabrics tend to stretch and wear out quickly, so it’s best to choose a good one.

Have any of these gone wrong for you?

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