Pedro M

Good Morning! I hope your morning is going swell! My parents and I saw the portfolio pictures this week and were honestly just in love with the work the studio did and are so very thankful for the opportunity. I was able to contact an agent from one of my Barbizon competitions from the Dragonfly […]

Athena Nembhard

Salt agency

Jessica P

Future Faces Miami 3 Year Exclusive Contract


Had an amazing time at the studio. Rach worked hard in theater class. She is doing great. Grandmother takes her all over the place for castings. She is booked for her hair as it is so long. We had the best day. She loves modeling and acting. We are taking this as far as we […]

Jorge Blanco

Amazon Prime Original Series named: LoyalT

Vaniah Donatien

Signed Non Ex with Slate Models and is doing a fashion show.

Enya Guo

BTWN 1 Year Exclusive Agency

Isabella Karaskova

Signed to Future Faces Miami

Derrick V

I had a great experience for the modeling experience. Everyone was nice, super friendly and I was taken aback at how the change of clothes and make up was face paced. Overall, a great experience to feel like one is a model. Justin X

Brian A

Signed to Excell Models