7 ways to tell if a garment is of high quality

When assembling a basic wardrobe of timeless pieces that can be worn for a variety of occasions, it is critical to select garments of high quality that can withstand use and multiple washes.

But how do you spot them? How do you know if the item you want to buy is worthwhile? Pay attention to these simple tricks:

Expose the garment to the light. The lower the quality, the more transparent the fabric.

The wrinkle examination. Squeeze the fabric for a few seconds before releasing it. If the garment is wrinkled, unless it is linen, it is best to leave it.

Keep an eye out for zippers. A high-quality garment has a hidden, well-finished zipper that matches the fabric’s color.

Examine the seams. Examine the finishing on the collars, cuffs, and hems. The better the seam, the tighter it is.

Examine the labels. Examine the fabric’s materials. Natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, or silk, should have a higher percentage than synthetic fibers.

Examine the buttons and buttonholes. It is not a good sign if they are loose or the seams are not neat.

If the price is too low, be wary. A garment of high quality and craftsmanship is usually more expensive due to the materials used.

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